Alternative Ways To Celebrate A Birthday

Alternative Ways To Celebrate A Birthday

Birthday parties will be the most awaited events in a person’s life that he anticipates for a year-long. Most people celebrate their birthday-parties with total fun and pleasure. Birthdays can be a big deal to everyone and you can spend months planning about the perfect day. From the cake, to going out on a special outing, to a fun family meal, make an effort to celebrate in style. Once in a year, people forget about their worries in the life and spend some good time by using their family and friends by arranging the top party places thoughts, theme and everything roll into one. Folks want to observe these bashes with design and complete pleasure.


the worst birthday stories ever

The Worst Birthday Stories You’ve Ever Heard

Welcome back fellow birthday fanatics! Now, we all want our birthdays to be just PERFECT but rarely do they match up to that kind of hefty expectation. Cakes knocked over, people set on fire, no one remembering it was even a birthday and getting dumped are some of the stories we saw the most when compiling this list. Seriously, why is it so hard to have a great birthday? In the hope that this will help you and others avoid these kinds of catastrophes here’s our list of some of the worst birthday stories you’ve ever heard of! Special Editor’s note here, we got some serious help from our friend Karen on this one so help her out by checking out her website here. Thanks Karen, you rock!

Forever Alone ( College Edition )  ” I was about to turn twenty two years old which is by far the most underwhelming birthday in your 20s. My birthday was situated on a Wednesday  which was a day me and some pals liked to play hookie from class and enjoy some adult beverages. On this Wednesday before my own birthday we were out skipping class in honor of another friend’s birthday. I remarked that we should do this next week too because it was going to be my own birthday. Everyone agreed to skip class for my birthday and enjoy some fellowship and drinks. Well my birthday came up that week and I was all ready to jump out of class and enjoy time with friends. Apparently I wasn’t that important to them because not a single one of them wanted to skip class. We ended up going to class. Later that evening I went home alone, drank the saddest beer ever by myself, tried watching some even more depressing television, worked on my studies and went to sleep with a tear in my eye. I hate birthdays to this day. ” – Doug

Dad, Why You Ruin My Birthday?  ” The birthday I hated the most was in my teens. The occasion was my fifteenth birthday which I was hoping would be very special. Luckily it was going to be awesome because my Dad had agreed to let me and some friends have a big pizza sleepover at his apartment. We could even go swim in the apartment’s pool as much as we wanted! The week of my birthday came and it was time to remind Dad and get the details worked out. The only probably was that my father acted weird, distant and that he didn’t even remember saying “yes” to these plans on the phone. After lots of poking and prodding my dad finally told me it was going to be problem because he ” had a new roomie. ”  To me that wasn’t a big deal at all ! My dad’s apartment had two bedrooms so that roommate would be in the second one. Me and my friends could just sleep on the floor of the living room. When me and my sisters would visit my dad we usually used that second bedroom but if it was occupied now that wouldn’t be an option. When I tell Dad that he says that the roommate doesn’t even take up the second bedroom which was very confusing to my teen mind. The phone call ended with Dad saying  he’d ” think about it. ” Well, I didn’t talk to my dad from then until my birthday being very confused and weirded out over all. On my birthday my Dad comes to my Mom’s house and wants to go outside and talk. Long story short, my Dad then proceeds to come out of the closet to me! His “roommate” was another guy he was having a relationship with and I’ll never forget that day. Thanks for nothing, pops.

Soccer Stitches ” I was on my high school soccer team for a few years. During the first game of my Sophomore year it was also the date of my birthday. I took a mean fall and had to get stitches, had a concussion and had to stay in the hospital for twenty-four hours.  The only gifts I received were “Get Well” cards because everyone was so concerned about my well-being they forgot it was my freakin’ birthday! ”

Funeral Party?  ”
Please don’t judge me too harshly for this story. It was my seventeenth birthday and a week before my grandma had died. The situation was that my parents and my grandma’s husband were planning the funeral service for my grandmother. Grandpa thought that Thursday was fine and my mother tried to intervene and say it was my birthday and maybe we could have a different day but grandpa wouldn’t have any of it. So instead of a birthday I attended a funeral and couldn’t say anything about it so people wouldn’t think I’m terrible. Do you think I’m terrible? ”

Love Sucks  ” I bet you can’t top this bad birthday story : it was my 13th birthday and the morning started with both my mother and my father really getting into it with each other. Smashing stuff in the kitchen and loudly arguing, I left the house to get away from it. Down the block I saw my best friend who also happened to be the boy I was very much in love with. Guess what he told me? Him and his entire family was moving to Texas! Extremely sad I returned home to hopefully some peace and quiet, maybe even some birthday love from my parents. No such luck. When I got home my Mom was outside with two suitcases. She told me her and my father were getting divorced and she was leaving. Love sucks and so do birthdays! ”

WOW! Pretty rough, right? Look, we take the sweet and the salty together here at the Birthday Shack. Not even birthday is going to be amazing but every birthday definitely means something. Do you have a terrible birthday story you want to share? Comment here on the blog or find us on Facebook and leave us a message on our Wall! We’re all in this big birthday world together, right? Toss us a Bookmark in your browser and come back next time for another great blog about all things birthday! 

birthdays then and now birthday shack

Birthdays : Then And Now!

Welcome to the Birthday Shack! We don’t even care that it isn’t your birthday ( or hey, it might be, so happy birthday!) but we definitely care about the fun, excitement and customs of birth celebrations. We’re here to tell you about all things birthday from today’s blog article about the history of birthdays all the way to where those weird conical hats came from! Please take a moment to Bookmark this blog so you can come back each week and see what we’ve served up. We promise to make this birthday blog as delicious as cake and twice as entertaining as Pin The Tail On The Donkey. Enjoy!

The one thing in common that all human beings on this Earth have in common is that on a specific day, at a specific time we all were literally born into this world. Most humans throughout history used this day as a way to measure their age which is a pretty basic form of time and record keeping. When did we actually start celebrating these literal birth moments as big celebrations? It was common to see a community coming together to see a newborn baby but that’s very different than cake, punch and party games. We’re birthday experts or at least we’re birthday fanatics so let us take you through a possible history of how we get the birthday party of today.

If you’re a Christian you may already know where we are going to start on our journey to find the true origin of birthdays. Now, many scholars continuously discuss and debate the translations of the Bible into current languages so take this next portion with that idea at the front of your mind. In Genesis there is listed a reference to Pharaoh’s actual birthday :

“Now the third day was Pharaoh’s birthday, and he gave a feast for all his officials. He lifted up the heads of the chief cupbearer and the chief baker in the presence of his officials: ” – Genesis 40:20, The Bible

Well look at that! If the Pharaoh was having a birthday then surely it was Egyptians who came up with the whole thing first, right? Maybe but also maybe not. Scholars have pointed out that this “birth day” could more specifically referencing the ruler’s day of taking the Egyptian throne. The Egyptians believed that the date their Pharaoh became “a god” in their eyes was it’s own kind of birth and superseded his mortal birth. We’re still not really closer to the true origin of the birthdays of today unless you’re an Egyptian ruler and god, this isn’t the kind of birthday you’re going to have!

Take a deep breath. Now blow air really hard. Oh, we forgot to say light some birthday candles first! The Greeks are most likely the first people to jam waxed wicks into baked goods. The practice emerged from their ritualistic offerings to Greek gods like Artemis who apparently had a sweet tooth. Artemis was a goddess associated with the moon so the candles were to give the oval cakes a glowing effect. We’re still not quite at the heart of the origin of birthdays though it’s fairly likely the Greeks were just emulating the Egyptians on this one. Where’s the birthdays for us mere mortals? Here comes the Romans!

If you were a particularly popular Roman like a Senator or a Caesar there would already be holidays in your name and we suppose it seemed natural for the Romans to place that holiday on the day of birth of the person being honored. If you were a male Roman and particularly liked by your friends and family it wouldn’t be uncommon for them to throw you a little party on your day of birth. Now don’t get us wrong, we’re still not quite to real birthday levels yet. Also, the only time a “birthday cake” comes into Roman life is when you turn fifty years of age. Now if you reached that ripe old age in Roman times it was nearly a miracle so these cakes seem to us less a celebration of life as a ” wow you made it this far? here’s a cake! ”

Birthdays didn’t have an easy time even after slowly starting in Roman culture. One major setback was that the Christian church officially declared birthday celebrations as pure evil. Hundreds of years went by with people being told that cake and fun was of the Devil. Now those Christians changed their tune as time went on because if they didn’t we probably wouldn’t have the biggest birthday of all : Christmas! Folks were already celebrating Saturnalia so the Church thought they could wrangle some more folks into their own hip and fun birthday party situated on the same day.

So we have birthday parties for big impressive people and sort of birthday parties for regular people by now. How did we get a delicious sweet birthday cake to be a central part of this emerging event?  Birthdays by now were already getting popular by a variety of world cultures from China to Germany. Both those countries had specific rituals for the birth dates of children. The Germans had something very similar to what we call a true birthday party today that involved blowing out of candles on top of a cake. You get one candle for each year of life and one more to symbolize hope that you wouldn’t die before the next birthday. Touching, right?

All these German and Chinese birthday celebrations with a sweetened cake as the centerpiece were mostly restricted to the rich because the ingredients like sugar and butter were very rare and expensive. As time went on and technology improved birthday celebrations spread throughout the world because of access to previously baked cakes and treats. The mass production of these birthday staples made it possible for every kind of person to have a pretty decent birthday.

We started with the people who built the pyramids and we ended with mechanical processes pioneered by Ford – all of it and everything in between helped shaped the birthdays of today!

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